After a sweltering hot summer, we’ve run right smack into the rainy season. With more typhoons expected to visit our shores, more classes are bound to be cancelled. Some students are only too excited over the prospect of staying home, curled under the covers. Others know only too well that numerous class cancellations could only mean one thing: makeup classes!

While you could very well just sleep the days away when classes are called off, you could also take this time to get ahead. Here are some ideas as to how you could make best use of your time.

1. Straighten up your room. Like most students, your room is likely to be a mess, and who can blame you? You’ve got tons of homework to do, and lots of tests to study for. Take this time to give your room a thorough cleaning. Change your sheets. Sweep the floor. Arrange your books and study materials in an orderly manner. A clean room will make studying easier.

2. Review your lessons. There’s bound to be a topic or concept which you found confusing in the last few weeks. How about giving it another run-through? If you’ve got a genius of a friend, talk to him on Viber. Ask his help in making tricky concepts clearer to you. You may also book a tutorial session with AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center, the country’s best tutorial and review center.

3. Read your favorite book. Grab your favorite title, and get lost in words. It doesn’t have to be a book on your reading list. It could be anything: a tale of fantasy, a thriller, or a romance. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you get to practice your reading and comprehension skills.

4. Play teacher. If you’ve got a younger sister or brother, then do a role playing game. You can be teacher and he can be your student. Go over his lessons. Give him a pop quiz. It would be fun to be on the other side of the table just this once. Plus, you get to practice your language skills.

5. Do some advanced work. Be a step ahead of the game. Start the book project you’ve been assigned the other week even though the deadline is a month away. Read up on the next chapter of your science course. The goal is for you to put that extra time to good use.

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