Ahead Tutorial & Review Center held its annual Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET) refresher course last August 30 at Greenhills Christian Fellowship Auditorium. A total of 425 students who want to study in the top university came as part of their preparation for the highly competitive exam.

The whole day event, which combined work and play, made learning a lot more fun for the students.

In her inspirational talk, Ahead President Rossana Llenado emphasized the importance of a good college education and what students can expect when they take the ACET.

The rest of the sessions focused on specific topics covered in the ACET, like abstract reasoning and logical reasoning (conducted by teacher Francis Jusayan) and math (conducted by teacher Wacks Cagampan).

Jusayan and Cagampan, both tutors at Ahead Tutorial & Review Center, are veteran teachers, skilled not only in their respective subjects of expertise, but more importantly, in communicating their ideas to students.

Because their teachers easily reached out to them, the students did not hesitate to actively participate in the discussions and ask many questions. They dutifully took down notes and paid full attention to the lectures.

Many of the students came away feeling more confident about passing the difficult ACET exam with flying colors. Some said they will recommend the Ahead ACET refresher course to family and friends.

The event kicked off with an opening prayer, followed by an ice breaker to put students at ease.

Fun educational games like GI (General Information) Jeopardy and the ACET Genius Game (patterned after Pinoy Henyo) further lightened up the mood.

“I feel more relaxed, now that I’ve taken up the refresher course,” said one student. “I am more equipped to answer the questions even under time pressure.”

Another added, “Now I know exactly what topics I will review for the ACET. I can focus on them and skip the others.”

Other students agreed they made new friends along the way.

Ahead has a highly-satisfactory 85 percent passing rate in the ACET, known for its tough questions and extra level of difficulty.

“It’s not enough that a student graduated from a good high school to enter the college of his dreams,” stated Llenado. “He must also review what he learned to be fully equipped to hurdle highly competitive college entrance tests. We are proud to have helped many students enter Ateneo and other prestigious colleges for the past 16 years. And we vow to maintain our track record,” said Llenado.

She added that Ahead will continue to review its ACET refresher course and similar review courses to make them more relevant through the years.


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