What does it take to be an achiever? Let’s face it. Being an achiever needs hard work and planning. How do you even start?

Shifting focus. This is not easy and it takes time. Think of what you want in life. Make long-term goals; these goals will guide the direction to your future. Concentrate on your goal. Keep your eye on the prize. Having a focus allows you not to drift aimlessly.

Self-discipline. Being an achiever takes discipline. Focus on your goals and don’t stray. Without self-discipline, you can become easily distraught. Self-discipline will teach you to do only what’s important; to deliver your commitments.

Determination. Don’t give up. You might fail in some things but that would not make you a failure. Don’t quit your goals and don’t stop reaching your dream because of frustration and pressure.


Is it worth it to be a nerd?

The list of geeks and nerds is growing and so is the number of many successful entrepreneurs, businessmen and executives. It just reveals that academic achievements are a factor in reaching one’s dreams. In fact, academic achievements are a stepping stone to acquiring good employment, getting a good position, getting new ideas and developing your own skills.

“Nowadays, where society and technology are so interconnected, the competition has now become as steeper as ever. One has to be an achiever – a “geek” to stand out, says Rossana Llenado, AHEAD president. Competition is even seen in schools and classrooms where students compete for slots in prestigious universities. After college, the competition is even stiffer. Graduates compete with other graduates and experienced professionals for a position in the job market. The scale of the competition is so high, one must be crazy not to prepare.

Passing school is already hard work but getting high grades requires double work, extra time at the library, and cutting time with friends. Most young people think that they have to sacrifice their social lives to be an achiever.

“Practicing good study habits and proper time management will help students get ahead of the pack,” says Llenado.

Being an achiever and getting ahead is not without its benefits. Many educational institutions reward determined honor students who work hard to achieve. Prestigious schools want the best students in their rosters. These institutions realize that the success of these achievers would soon add to their prestige.


AHEAD rewards achievers

AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center’s objective is to get ahead and to make the best even better. In this regard, AHEAD rewards honor students for their excellence and hard work by launching the Honors Class Review 2018.

The program is especially developed for high school honor students. It seeks to prepare academic achievers to obtain the best scores in the most competitive college entrance exams. Scoring high and topping the entrance exams will not only guarantee admission, it also raises the student’s chance to study with a scholarship. Financial and merit scholarships can be a stepping stone for more opportunities in the future.

For honor students who are committed in excelling, AHEAD offers a money-back guarantee for students who will qualify for the UP Oblation Scholarship, Ateneo Merit Scholarship, or DLSU Star Scholarship. AHEAD will be refunding 100 percent of the review fee to these incredible achievers.

AHEAD is the only review center offering a test-based review for the three most prestigious schools in the Philippines: University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, and De La Salle University. AHEAD’s review program only focuses on topics that are included in the exams. That eliminates the wasted time and effort on studying and tackling unnecessary topics. Simulation tests given by AHEAD actually have the same difficulty level and time limit as the actual entrance exams of these three universities. In this regard, students have an idea on what to expect when the big entrance exam day comes.

If you want to be a part of this elite class and get ahead of the pack, email info@ahead.edu.ph.

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