AHEAD’s SAT Review has been made even better through a strategic partnership with Knewton.

The 2011 Technology Pioneer of the World Economic Forum, Knewton is an American organization developing the industry’s most powerful adaptive learning engine. It is the only platform that has the ability to adapt and personalize the student’s educational content on a day to day basis through a vibrant mix of lessons, videos, and online practice problems.

Traditional classrooms give the same kind of material to all students. Knewton will provide the student the material he needs when he needs it. The platform thus adapts to the student’s learning pace, reinforcing his strengths and managing his weaknesses in the process. The learning process thus becomes personal, dynamic, and interactive.

The good news: AHEAD’s SAT Review will now be reinforced by an Internet-based SAT preparation program from Knewton.

This is how it works. Students get AHEAD’s brand of exemplary instructor-guided instruction, Simulated Exams that give him a feel of the actual test, and Diagnostic Exams that will monitor his progress. In between, he will take practice tests from Knewton’s online platform. The tests will become easier or harder depending on the student’s skills. All these elements will help prepare our students for the SAT Exams guided by that one philosophy that AHEAD has always believed in: that students learn better by doing.

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