“#MassTesting is trending these days, but are you ready for the masses of tests coming your way once the quarantine is  lifted?

Fortunately, we’ve got something to make sure you’ll still be #Ahead. Ever since the 6th of April, we have been rolling out Supplementary Classes designed to help you improve your performance in three of the most challenging subjects a student can face. 

Whether you need to brush up on Calculus, Statistics and Probability, Chemistry, or Physics, we’ve got you covered. Worried about your Essay Writing skills or your grasp of Business Math? We’ve got classes covering those too!

PREMIUM and PUSH students can already avail of these, but we’ve got special rates for anyone who’s interested. Want to increase your chances of acing your CET’s? Looking to boost your Ahead Package? Or do you simply want to make sure you don’t fall behind on your Math, Science, and Language proficiency?

Enroll in any of our supplementary classes, and get another one free! We are not pulling your leg, we are really offering another free class! So, if you are weak in Science, and thus enroll in our science supplementary classes,we can give you a free supplementary class in Math. So, you can hit two birds with one stone and work on the disciplines you need to prepare for! 

Just send us your name, email address and we’ll give you all the details about the amazing offers we have in store! If you want to enroll, please CLICK THIS LINK and start your journey with us today!

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