Once in a student’s college life, he/she has to deal with terror profs. These profs may either be scary, grade low, or are generally not nice to students. However, we may still learn a thing or two from them. Here are some of the best, and somewhat colorful, terror prof stories.

Being Legendary Does Not Mean Being Scary

Some profs are as approachable as Darth Vader on a bad day

No name dropping, but I learned that scaring students isn’t the best way to instill a good classroom environment. They’re quiet and terrified to ask questions. Tbf, not all noise in class is unproductive; sometimes some noice is conducive to learning.

Someone who took a famous Jesuit Prof

We can learn a lot from certain professors, even though they can be as approachable as Darth Vader on a bad day, or they may give the basilisk stare when the classroom is noisy.

Beast Mode Prof

Not gonna name him, but he just LOVES swearing at students, insulting them, telling them how bad their work is (even though it was only a small typo) and humiliating them in front of everyone (one time I saw a student crying outside his office after he ripped apart her 20 page paper because he thought the punctuation on some sentences were a bit off).

If there’s anything I learned from that experience, it’s to focus on tiny details like capitalization and spelling. Oh and he didn’t teach us [anything].

And before anyone asks, nobody here cares about complaint forms. He’s still doing the same thing every sem and he’s untouchable for some reasons.

He also likes proclaiming how our generation is a waste of space, etc.

Mr. J
Some Profs can go all Trevor Philips on students

However, some profs, instead of teaching their students, go all beast mode on them, thus wasting students’ time.

Leave the Emotional Baggage Outside the Classroom

terror lang sya because he was super emotional huhu


For those who want to teach, please leave your emotional baggage outside the classroom. Students are not punching bags for your negative emotions, OK?

Difficult Profs can Teach You Something

the only way it was a horrible time was how terrible i was at the class and nearly failed, but it was insightful and opened up a new ways to see religion and God

Mentee of a certain Philo Prof

Some profs can make your life a living hell, but they sure as hell can teach you something that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Intense Ancient Philo Prof

He’s terror kasi kapag umabsent kami pinapagawa niya kami ng 1 page full na excuse letter with summary ng prev. discussion. Prof ko siya sa Ancient Philo. Minsan may nasisigawan siyang mga students because they’re eating or kapag late. Medj nagkaka anxiety ako sometimes buti chill class after noon (ec102)

Disciple of the Humanities

If you ever end up under this Philo prof, please don’t be absent or late, unless you want to risk getting chewed out or craft an excuse letter with a lesson summary. Feel free to take this prof, but be prepared.

Math Prof Teaches Life Lessons While Grading Brutally

Some terror profs can ruin Cum Laude dreams

A lot of us in our MA 12 class before got single digit scores in our first LT (it was over 100). He usually trails off into a story while teaching so medyo magulo talaga. He also deducts points (a lot) if you don’t follow his way of solving. He’s sometimes funny, though. I did learn how to study better because of his class.

Math Prof Victim

A certain Math prof trained us how to work harder, but ruined our Cum Laude dreams in the process. Getting an 18/100 was still sad though.

They May be Terror, but They Still Teach You Something

Some profs may be terror, but they can still teach you something, like how not to teach, or how to work harder. So, just because your grades may suffer, this does not mean that your tuition is wasted, for you may come from the terror prof’s class as a better person.

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