Yes, Facebook and Twitter have done wonders to our lives. They help us connect and teach us new things. But they are not the be-all and end-all of life.

There’s life beyond sitting in front of the computer screen and logging on to your social media accounts. Remember the good old days before FB and Twitter came along? Why not go back to them for old time’s sake this summer. Here’s how:

· Exercise. Run, jump, keep moving! It’s good for your health.
· Get into sports. You can do this on your own or with a group, in which case you can make new friends and keep them. Besides, engaging in sports instills the values of discipline, excellence, and team spirit.

· Read. Newspapers, magazines, and books are still fun to read. They increase your knowledge and enhance your imagination.

· Cook. Whip up a healthy meal for your family. Encourage your brothers, sisters, and friends to help you experiment in the kitchen. You can even go to the grocery together and have fun comparing prices and choosing the best buys.

· Clean the house. Grab the dustpan, broom, or mop and reach out for those dark corners where dirt accumulates! A clean house is a healthy place to be.

· Go gardening. You need not be a green thumb. All you need is a little time to water the plants, talk to them, and watch them grow. In return, they will give you life-enhancing oxygen.

· Tell stories. Stimulating conversation strengthens bonds between family and friends. Face to face, you can give each other hugs, pat each other at the back, hold hands, and tickle each other while cracking jokes.

· Explore the great outdoors. Hit the beach or take a hike up a mountain. Don’t forget to splash on some sunscreen.

· Soak up on culture by visiting museums, art galleries, and exhibits.

· Learn new dance steps. Get those feet and arms moving and swaying! It’s great for your health!

· Learn to play a musical instrument. It sharpens your mind and relaxes your spirit.

· Sort out items in your drawer or cabinet. Throw or give away things you haven’t touched for a year or so. You’ll be surprised at how many people you can help and how organized you can be.

· Enroll in a review center. Time flies fast. It always pays to review your lessons and prepare for next school year by enrolling in a review center like AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center.

· Pray. Get down on your knees and thank Him for all the blessings.

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