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Hey there, young Atenean! Transitioning from high school to the college life in the Ateneo may seem pretty overwhelming at first; but don’t worry, it is perfectly normal to not have everything figured out yet. So here are 5 freshie tips that might just help you out along the way.


    Whether you can’t find the room for your next class or don’t know how to use your Blue card or whatever problem may arise, remember that there are always people who can and are willing to help you. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or request for assistance because college is not an easy thing to handle and at some point, you will be needing an extra hand. The Ateneo is a friendly community; so when you’re facing a tough situation, asking for help is already half the problem solved.


    Aside from the fact that signing up for organizations is an easy way to meet new people, it is also a great avenue for developing your skills, finding your passion, and ultimately growing as a person. The Ateneo currently has 58 accredited organizations subdivided into 11 diverse clusters ranging from sector-based to business to performing arts and so on. Joining an org is one thing, but being consistently active and committed to the projects and events is another thing. It may be tiring and rigorous at times, but the experience and the family you gain throughout surely makes everything worth it.


    It may be a cliché or common advice to give a freshie, but it really is something you should never ever forget. Remember that you came to college to learn and ultimately, to graduate. Obviously, it is not going to be an easy ride. You will have your fair share of the struggles every college student faces when trying to balance all those subjects at once, coupled with all your other responsibilities. Although grades are important, there are still more important things like having your ideas challenged, seeing the world in a different perspective, or realizing things that will stay with you far beyond college. So don’t forget to take notes, pay attention in class, and take in the high-quality education that Ateneo offers.


    Surviving college is a million times easier if you have friends taking the journey with you and helping you out every step of the way. From blockmates, to classmates, org mates or people you randomly meet, anyone can be your friend. Take the courage to say hi or start the conversation and next thing you know, you’re eating lunch together with your college barkada. You will be spending your next few years in the Ateneo, and connecting with people will make your college experience better and a whole lot more memorable.


    You’re entering college and sure enough, there will be bumps and crashes along the way. Ateneo is an adventure on its own and whether you like it or not, you will have to take some risks and face critical decisions throughout. Your journey is not going to be perfect and it’s okay. If you fall, pick yourself up and just do better. If you fall again, then repeat the process over and over again until you get it right. Besides, mistakes are just disguised lessons, right?

So there you have it, just follow these tips and you’ll be fine. This is a one-time experience so don’t forget to make memories and have fun along the way. Be open to whatever college may bring and be ready to forge your own path as you enter the Ateneo. For those AHEAD students who want to be part of the Blue Eagles in the future, be sure to attend the 2016 ACET Refresher Course on September 11. For more details, email

For details of the 2016 college entrance tests please click here.

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