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Have you ever studied for hours, even days, yet still got a low score on your exam? After all the definitions you’ve memorized, the notes you’ve taken, and the copious highlighting you’ve done, you wonder how this could possibly happen.

If poor test results are becoming a recurrence for you, then perhaps you need to develop new study methods, advise the tutors of AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center.

It’s good if you can jot down as many notes as you can, but it’s better if you organize and condense your notes later on. Acquire the main ideas of a topic, and then gather the supporting details. Make charts or illustrations if these allow your mind to think more clearly. Review your past lessons to make sure the facts sink in. You can even borrow your classmate’s notes to check if yours are complete.

Test yourself as well to reinforce information. Using the highlighted words or phrases in a book, create your own flashcards to familiarize yourself with key concepts. However, don’t be too reckless with your highlighting. The bright colors may capture your attention but they don’t necessarily help you absorb what’s on the page.

Lastly, it’s not enough if you simply read the words on a page several times and hope every bit of the lesson sticks. When it comes to remembering terms, you have to know why it’s relevant in the first place. It also helps to know examples about a particular concept, or if it has any significant effects on society. Go beyond your notebook. Good luck!

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