RLL1 copyBy Rossana L. Llenado
AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center president

Going through the streets of Tacloban last month, I was heartbroken by how much still needs to be done. It has been six months since Typhoon Haiyan struck, but it is taking quite some time for this once prosperous city to get back on its feet.

People lost so many things, but I realized that what made them who they are, they still have: their education, skills, values, network, and identity. All these are important, and that’s exactly what we’ve been telling you, dear students. You may lose everything you own in this world, but the wisdom and knowledge that you’ve gained through your studies, the experience and memories you’ve acquired in school, and the teachers, classmates, and friends you’ve met along the way will be with you forever. And we are very happy to be part of your academic journey.

Sometimes, I still cannot believe that it’s been 19 years since I first started AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center. I was only 25 then, a mother of two, with so much hope and excitement for the future. And I really believed that with hard work, passion, and persistence, I will be able to achieve whatever it is that I set my mind to.

Today, almost two decades later, my dreams have been realized many times over. Every time one of our students passes his college entrance test or gets good marks in his quarterly exam, I beam with pride. There is just so much to be grateful for.

With the review season in full swing, I know that you are all busy going through your notes and preparing for your next session. But before you go to sleep tonight, I encourage you to count your blessings as well. Give thanks to your parents who are always there to support you, your siblings who are there by your side, your friends who never fail to brighten your day, and your teachers and mentors who guide you in your academic journey. Be a blessing to others, as much as you are a blessing to all of us!

Have a great day!

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