The rainy season is finally here and it has really been raining cats and dogs lately. Don’t let the lack of sunshine make you all woozy and lazy. You can still do a lot amidst the crazy rain outside! Here are some tips from your AHEAD Tutorial and Review family to get your through these stormy times.

Take the opportunity to re-energize

So school got cancelled and you basically have to fill out the whole day with things to do. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t really permit you to go out and meet with your friends. Take this time to get yourself back to tip top shape. School, no matter how challenging it is for you, will always take its toll sooner or later. The late nights studying or early morning trips to school will leave you quite tired. Take this day to get a full 8 hour sleep. Take note, 8 hour sleep, and not all-day sleep. Sleeping too much is not healthy as well. Eat healthy meals, exercise and get refreshed. You’ll be ready for the next day of school in no time.

Have some quality fambam time

Yes, we know. You already see them every day. At the end of the day, people can get caught up with their own agendas and the current smartphone generation gets too engrossed with their digital lives that they forget that nothing beats quality time. Take this time to catch up with your parents or siblings. Hangout and do something fun. You might be surprised to what you end up doing and you might even have a blast.

Review and remember

Yes, we also know that you do not want to study on a day off. You already devoted your summer vacation to studying and you want a little R and R. We totally understand. R and R is good for you. Just remember that the College Entrance Tests are the most important tests you will ever take. It will basically dictate a lot of things in your future. You can always use an hour or two to review what you learned during the summer. You may also visit any AHEAD center should you feel that you need help. You can also work on your application forms if you haven’t already. You can find all the details that you need in the table below. It’s all about balance at the end of it all.

Most students will take an extra day off and spend it doing whatever day like. They will probably spend tons of time online or spend the whole day in bed. Remember, you are an AHEAD student. You are different. You can do all those things and at the same time, still be productive. Be totally different, be totally AHEAD.

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