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When you hear that pitter-patter sound outside, you know that the hot days of summer are officially over. The good news: the scorching heat and sweaty afternoons are gone. The not-so good news: you have to deal with the rain.

Here are some friendly reminders from the tutors of AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center to help keep you healthy and safe during the rainy season.

Keep sickness at bay by eating lots of protein, fruits, and green leafy vegetables. Milk, whether you want it served cold or warm, will strengthen your body. Also, instead of buying street food, consider packing a nutritious home-made meal. This way, you wouldn’t have to go out in the rain for your lunch.

An umbrella will be your favorite device this season, so make sure to take it everywhere you go. Rather than wearing a cardigan, opt for a water-resistant jacket to keep you warm and dry throughout the day. Keep some waterproof bags and Ziploc cases handy to prevent your gadgets and valuables from getting wet.

As much as possible, avoid wading in floodwaters and going to crowded, poorly-ventilated places. The chances of getting a disease will be higher in these areas, and you definitely don’t want to get sick!

You can never go wrong with emergency kits, especially if a really bad storm arrives. Have a food and medicine supply at the ready, and make sure that everyone in the family knows what to do in a crisis.

But the rainy season isn’t all gloom and doom. Remember, this is the perfect time to catch up on your sleep and bond with your family indoors.

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