Getting Smarter

Are students of this generation smarter now with all the gadgets, software, and technology available to them? This seems to be a question with no definitive answer.

Let’s start with search engines. At this day and age, it’s easy to just google any type of information. The problem with googling, however, is that you’re not always certain about the reliability of the said information. Students must thus be discerning about their sources. Or else, they may end up getting the wrong information.


However, knowing where to find information is different from actually processing the information into something that you can recall later on. Developing problem solving skills and critical thinking goes beyond one’s ability to conjure up loads of information.


Auto-complete is all about speeding up the generation of information as well. Here, users of smartphones get ample assistance. Just type in a few letters, and your phone takes care of the rest. This makes communicating faster. However, teenagers who used the auto-complete function often were found to be less accurate when they were asked to take a range of cognitive tests, a study revealed.


While technology can help us handle more tasks at greater speeds, AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center tutors point out that the process of learning still takes hours of avid concentration and conscientious study.

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