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Matthew Seet, a 15-year-old student from the International School of Manila, has been enrolled in AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center’s one-on-one tutoring program for four months now. He needed help, particularly in Math, the subject dreaded by most teens.

With the assistance of his tutor, Matthew was able to make sense of difficult concepts which he would normally have to deal with on his own. The tutorial sessions helped him gain a better understanding of Math.

“With the tutorials, I was able to understand concepts of my Math class in school,” he said. It’s no wonder then that Matthew was able to earn good grades

At AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center, every student is encouraged to achieve his full potential. Professional athletes need the assistance of coaches to improve their level of performance. In the same way, students need the guidance of tutors to help them reach their academic goals.

“The teachers have sufficient knowledge to aid my academics to an extent,” said 17-year-old student Jenny Hwang, who also struggled in Math.

“AHEAD gave me a place outside of school to focus on my weaknesses. It did help me achieve certain marks I couldn’t have achieved by myself,” she added. Jenny is also enrolled in AHEAD’s SAT program, with the hope of passing the college entrance tests of American schools.

Kyle David only had two weeks to prepare for the SAT. “I needed a structured method of preparing myself for the exams,” he said. He was pleased that AHEAD was quite flexible when it came to mapping out his review schedule, especially given the limited time.

“From my experience, I was able to get a feel of the actual exam process, especially in time allotments,” he said. The method of constant practice and discipline in review gained him a sense of “security and confidence” before taking the SAT. Certain learning techniques allowed him to answer the SAT at a reasonable pace while scrutinizing each item.

“Undoubtedly, taking AHEAD’s SAT review has broadened my university options both locally and abroad,” he stated. “I have lots to thank AHEAD for in helping me attain my educational goals.”

Ella Sarol, 17, needed a reliable learning center to help her review for the biggest exam she had to take—the Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET). She chose AHEAD not only because it was near her home, but because it was recommended by her schoolmates and friends.

“Because of the mock exams, I felt comfortable taking the actual test,” she said. “I felt no pressure because I felt as if I had already taken it before. I knew what to expect,” she said when recounting her experience of taking the ACET.

Today, Ella is enrolled in a business course at the Ateneo de Manila University. She hopes to work for a good corporation someday, or put up a business that would benefit the community and the environment.

“AHEAD really helped me become a better student by reminding me to study hard. It helped me realize I am capable of more than I think,” she said.

Ella added, “Anyone can achieve academic excellence with the right amount of focus and determination. While studying at AHEAD, I learned that we all have choices in life. We just have to decide who we want to be and go for it.”

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