Just like any other community, the University of the Philippines has many of its own terms, jargon, or slang which are often used by its students. Allow us to present to you four of these IskoSlangs:

  1. A.S. More often than not, this is the first IskoSlang learned by new Diliman freshmen upon arriving on campus. It refers to Palma Hall, the building on Roxas Avenue where the majority of General Education classes are held. It is commonly joked that the use of the name “Palma Hall” over “A.S.” is a giveaway sign that one is either new to UP or not from UP. Although it may seem like every other person on campus has his own take on why it’s called “A.S”, the various attempts to analyze this acronym are unneeded because it can be easily explained through the history of the building. That is, for Iskos in the past, it was the Arts and Science building.
  2. PEPE Are you skilled in a particular sport? Then you can take the PEPE or Proficiency Examination in Physical Education to be given credits for that sport’s PE course. Some of the courses that you can get advanced credits for include baseball, running, swimming, basketball, volleyball, badminton, and tennis. The exams are usually given every semester and will be announced by CHK or the College of Human Kinetics; so remember to head over to the gym and sign up when the PEPE is available.
  3. Form 5 As an Isko, your form 5 is almostif not justas precious to you as your school ID. In certain situations, especially with guards, librarians, and professors, it can be used in exchange for your student ID. Simply put, your form 5 is your proof of life as a UP student. It contains your information, the price of your tuition and your enlisted classes. Given that you only receive your form 5 at the end of your registration process, one which is popularly known as difficult, it can be seen by some as symbol of achievement, meaning that you were able to overcome the notorious challenge of enlistment. If you’re an Isko, there’s a big chance you know the feeling of receiving your form 5 and feeling some form of success or relief.
  4. Acad Oval The Acad Oval or Academic Oval is what the Diliman community calls the elliptical road which is composed of Roxas, Maria Regidor, and Osmeña avenue. This is widely considered to be the busiest and most frequented area in UP Diliman, as proven by how all six UP jeepney routes, most vehicles, rallies, and people pass through it. Not only does the Acad Oval work in linking multiple buildings such as the colleges of Arts and Letters, Education, Business Administration, Engineering, and Mass Communication; but it is also a work of art designed to be one of the most scenic areas on campus. Whether it’s the many Acacia trees which shade the oval leaving sunlight scattered onto the avenues below, or the purposely intended architectural symmetry of the buildings, the beauty of the Acad Oval is undeniable.


There you have it! Four of the many commonly used UP terminologies defined. It goes without saying that there’s many more where that came from, so keep reading AHEAD to find out more.

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