Students, young or old, are now always attached to their smart phones. It is actually now an extension of them. However, as most parents already know, these phones sometimes prove to be a major distractions for students. Distractions ranging from games to social media always hook kids’ attention and make them pay more attention to their phone than their homework. So is it smart to take away their phones during study time? Limit their usage? As an alternative, how about taking all that information and use the smart phone as a tool for academic improvement. These will always be by the kid’s side anyway so help them discover the phone is much more than a tool to post your pictures and play “Color Switch”. Here are a couple of things you can recommend to your kids:

  • Make the most of the apps.

    There are a lot of developers out there that make apps for education. These range from educational games to tools that help solve math problems. There are tons to choose from the App Store or the Android Market. Best thing about these apps is that some are free of charge! So as a free resource, let your kids take advantage of this.

  • Let them read eBooks.

    Education is slowly leaning towards the digitalization of books. This is usually the best way to make them read. Some kids spend more time holding their phones than holding an actual book so might as well put the book into their phone. That way, they can take it anywhere without them having to lug them around in their backpack or bag.

  • YouTube is the way to go.

    Kids enjoy spending time on YouTube watching all sorts of entertaining videos. However, there are tons of educational content on YouTube. Not only do they have videos that review academic subjects, they also have videos that teach all sorts of things such as art and music. And like a lot of things online, it’s free so make the most out of it.

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