The joyful holiday break is here! While you may be thinking of all the possible foods you can eat, relatives to see and the presents to expect, why not use the other days doing something you can enjoy and benefit from at the same time? Whether it be doing something you haven’t done before or getting into a new hobby, here is a list of productive things you can do for a fun and fulfilling holiday break!

  1. Volunteer
    Holidays is a time of giving but what better way to give anything else than giving some of your time? Instead of only making donations to charitable institutions, you may also opt to be involved by doing small things that can help the staffs since most of the time, these institutions are undermanned. If this isn’t your thing, then maybe starting your own fundraiser can start things up in your community!

  2. Cook or Bake
    If you love to eat, then why not try learning how to make some of the foods you love? Be adventurous and try out new recipes you haven’t done before or put your own twist to basic ones. While you’re at it, you can invite your friends and family for a little taste test.

  3. Learn a new sport
    If you’re sporty and like doing things outdoors, learning a new sport will not only add up to your fitness but it can also gain you new friends. If getting fit is part of your new year’s resolutions, start early and pair up your new sport with a healthy and nutritious diet. Find a fitness buddy as well and motivate each other for a better lifestyle!

  4. Start a good habit
    Research says that is takes 21 days for a habit to form. Now that you have more free time, start forming a good habit like simply drinking a glass of water after waking up or improving your posture when standing and sitting to carry on even after your holiday break ends. You will find yourself feeling more accomplished and more confident after.

  5. Catch up on reading
    Don’t let your unread books to just gather up dust in your bookshelf! Immerse yourself again in another world like you used to as you flip through pages. Set a goal to finish a book in 3 or 5 days and follow on with the next one. Set up your reading space, get a blanket and a nice cup of tea.

Your holiday break is a time to reconnect and take care of yourself especially if the past few months have been stressful and overwhelming. Gear yourself up with these things to do or better yet, make your own for a great new year ahead!



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