Joseph Hizon, a typical student back then, had a memorable summer—together with his review classmates— when he enrolled at AHEAD for the College Entrance Test Review.

After reviewing with us, Joseph eventually found his way to De La Salle University. It was one of his top university choices. During that time, he was the heir to the successful Hizon’s Catering. Joseph then decided to put himself in a prime position to learn more about business and be the man he knew he was destined to be.

At the beginning, Joseph was set on becoming his own man. He also did not want to take over the reins of his mom and make his own legacy. So, upon his graduation, he decided to help out his family and gain experience. He tried almost every position available from sales to operations. Eventually, he also earned a master’s degree due to his determination to run their business properly. Now, Joseph, armed with all the knowledge and experience he acquired throughout the years, runs Hizon’s Catering. Of course,  he still has the constant support coming from his family. The business continues to do well and Joseph envisions taking the business to even greater heights as the time passes by.

Getting into your desired college makes all the difference. AHEAD Tutorial and Review, the leading and most awarded tutorial and review center in the country, has been helping students get into the top schools—the University of the Philippines, Ateneo De Manila, and De La Salle. Once upon a time, Joseph was one of our aspiring students and now he’s a proud alumni and a successful entrepreneur. We could not be any prouder!

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