Get into one of the country’s top schools and have the quality education you deserve. Let the leading and most awarded review center in the country be your partner to having a brighter future. Compare AHEAD’s difference in 18 ways:

1. Solid Foundation: AHEAD has helped tens of thousands of students get into the top universities since 1995. Through the years, we have learned how to best take care of our students, bringing them closer to their dreams.

2. Learning by Doing: According to research, people retain 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, and 90% of what they do. Our review trains students to learn by doing as they put their test-taking abilities to practice.

3. Diagnostic Tests: Our diagnostic tests let students know where they stand at the start of the review and what they need to do to improve.

4. Simulated Tests: Our simulated tests are the closest students get to the actual exams.

5. Unique Programs: Our Test-Based™ review programs, which are patterned after specific college admission tests, give the right preparation for the right exam.

6. Smart Reading: Our introductory session on smart reading helps students get higher scores in the reading comprehension section of the college entrance exams, breeze through and understand exam instructions, and decrease their overall study time because of faster reading.

7. Mind Mapping: This technique helps students translate words, topics, and subjects into images so they are able to retain larger volumes of information, better understand the interconnectedness of concepts, and produce more creative ideas.

8. Refresher Course: The refresher course not only ‘refreshes’ the students’ minds; it also boosts their confidence and gives them added inspiration.

9. Well-researched Materials: Constant research and development make AHEAD’s materials the best reference for students preparing for tough exams.

10. Review Assistants: Our review assistants, mostly former AHEAD students, provide students with additional motivation and support. They help keep the class orderly, allowing the review lecturers to focus on their teaching.

11. Top Teachers: Aside from belonging to the top 1% of their batches in UP, Ateneo, and De La Salle, our lecturers are young, smart, and highly engaging.

12. Students’ Orientation: Through this, students get useful information about the universities they are aiming for, learn about college life, and gain a better understanding of the college entrance exams. It also provides them with tips on how to maximize the review.

13. Parents’ Seminar: This helps parents find ways to best support their children in preparing for a successful future. It covers information about the top three universities and their college admission tests and shares tips on how parents can guide their children’s college choices.

14. Training and Development: Our tutors, lecturers, and staff undergo continuous training to improve their skills and knowledge.

15. Proven Track Record: Our reviewees have consistently registered the highest passing rate in the admission tests of the top universities.

16. Recognitions: Respected organizations say that AHEAD is the best tutorial and review center in the Philippines.

17. International Relations: We have a growing roster of international clients and partners.

18. Client Care: We assist our clients before, during, and after the review class.

19. Full- length Practice tests: These were introduced in 2016. These tests serves as additional practice for students.

20. Students find classes as fun: Our students affirm that AHEAD makes learning fun as well.

21. Founder is from UP: The founder is an outstanding alumna of the number 1 university in the Philippines.