fb poster what is likeFor many graduating high school students, taking the admission test of their preferred university is a rite of passage. Some are excited to take these exams, prepared as they are after reviewing for months on end. Others dread the exercise, engulfed by fear over unpleasant things which may or may not happen.

Kyle Cabatit, a student who took the college entrance test review program of AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center, was among the thousands of young ones who took these milestone exams last year. He shares, “The entrance tests were all very nerve-wracking at first, but they became less frightening when I actually answered them. There was really no reason to freak out because I had done my best studying for them, and if there was a question that I didn’t know then all I could do was guess.”

Despite being thoroughly prepared, Kyle encountered a number of challenges. For one, he took the University of Santo Tomas Entrance Test (USTET) with a fever. He says, “I took the test with Biogesic in my pockets. I would sleep off the fever after every subtest and drink a lot of water to cool myself off. Fortunately, I was able to pull through the test and eventually pass the USTET.”

The De La Salle College Admission Test (DLSUCAT) also rattled him somewhat. He says, “The Math had me a little flustered and the subtest where they mixed a whole lot of topics together had me struggling for a while. I finished these subtests with very little time to spare, and my scratch paper was messier than usual.”

But when the dust settled, Kyle came out a winner. He is currently a candidate for the Gokongwei Scholarship at the De La Salle University, a Director’s List Scholar at the Ateneo de Manila University, and ranked second among his batch of architecture course hopefuls in the University of Santo Tomas. He gained admission to the University of the Philippines too!

It helped that Kyle is a dedicated student. Though he reviews his lessons every day, he finds time to strike a balance between work and play. His typical day begins in school where he intently listens to all the discussions and religiously takes down notes. Paying attention to all the lessons lessens his study load. At home, he kicks back and relaxes for a while before doing his homework. He then rewards himself with some well-deserved R&R after all that school work.

Reviewing for the college entrance test with the best tutorial and review center in the country was also a big plus. Kyle says, “AHEAD Tutorial was a great place for me to review for the entrance tests. The classroom was very conducive for learning and having others to review with provided a great environment for studying. Also, the review materials they provided and the different techniques that they taught us really helped with the exams.”

He adds, “My most memorable experience in AHEAD was when we were taught how to speed read. It was funny because none of us could understand the text that faded away so quickly. We barely got any details besides small fragments of the passage. It also struck me because speed reading seemed like a skill that would take years to master, but it was actually much easier given time and practice.”

Registration is now ongoing for the 2015 College Entrance Test Review Programs of AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center. For more information, email info@ahead.edu.ph or call 426.0036

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