Why Ahead?

Is your child ready for the most important test of his life?

Seal his identity as a winner 

Admission to the country’s top universities means much more than high quality education. It means making lifelong friends and associates, and possibly meeting future business partners.

It also means establishing contacts and connections that will help your child in his future career. It means gaining an identity that he will be proud of.

An education in a top university means being with the best, belonging to the best. In many ways, it will determine who your child will be and what kind of future awaits him.

So, what’s his future worth to you?

Don’t gamble on your child’s future. Prepare him for the best with AHEAD’s proven review programs.

You can’t possibly study everything you learned in high school in a month or less. At AHEAD, we focus on the topics that matter –those you should master to pass the most competitive exams. We help you manage the stress and pressure of taking an actual test. We prepare you for success.

AHEAD has a specific program for each of the three toughest college entrance tests. You get the right preparation for the right exam. You learn from exceptional teachers who are top graduates of the top 3 universities. You gain from sessions that cannot be matched.

Test-taking is a skill. Like all skills, it needs to be practiced. AHEAD’s review equips you with problem-solving techniques, critical thinking skills, and answering strategies, and abilities essential to passing a standardized test. This is learning by doing. This is learning AHEAD-style.

AHEAD is committed to making a real difference in the lives of students, professionals, and its partner organizations. As of today, AHEAD is the 1st in the industry to offer test-based reviews for UP, Ateneo, De La Salle and UA&P, has 31 awards recognizing it’s founder and the brand’s excellence, has 88k+ likes on Facebook, and has had 100k+ students that were given the opportunity to become winners in school.

Our clients benefit from programs that are customized according to their needs, delivered by teachers who craft their teaching styles to address specific goals and maximize each learning experience.

Avail today of AHEAD’s comprehensive range of services for all your educational needs.